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Give us a hand to make our dream grow

Aggiornamento: 27 feb 2020

Plants and flowers are like our projects: some do not develop, others grow when we least expect it.

(Roman Battle)

To carry out this project we need your support

1. Knowing a territory through the direct experience of its food and wine tradition, having a menu available that changes according to the products that offer the different seasons of the year, enhancing the work of small farmers and breeders.

2. We can see it as a passing fashion, a healthy habit, or as an enhancement of the products of a territory, an aid to local farmers and breeders, an opportunity to understand the particularities of a Region through a 360-degree gastronomic experience. Yes, because choosing to eat in a restaurant at km 0 does not mean that to go there you do not need to make large trips, but that the dishes that will be offered to you have all been prepared with products grown and collected in the immediate vicinity, without having to face long travel on the highway and transport in large bins to get to your palate.

3. The advantages of this choice are innumerable. Tasty dishes, healthier food, gastronomic sustainability, up to the direct experience of the characteristics of a place through what the most precious its tradition can offer: the fruits of its land.

We really believe that thanks to your visits to our restaurant we can build this garden project, where we can grow breeds of animals, make local cheeses, grow fruit and vegetables only from this Gargano area, where at best they can be a summary of our traditions .

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